Mumbles often called ‘The Gateway to Gower’ and ‘The Jewel in Swansea’s Crown’, is perhaps best known as the destination of the world’s first fare-paying passenger railway, when back in 1807, Benjamin French introduced a horse-drawn carriage on rails, which would run from Brewery Bank in Swansea  five miles around the bay to Castle Hill (opposite today’s Quarry car park) in Mumbles, taking paying passengers on sightseeing excursions for a fare of one shilling each way — a great deal of money in those days.   In 1877 the railway company brought in steam power and the line was electrified in 1929, introducing a fleet of eleven large tramcars each seating one hundred and six people and which many of us remember fondly.

Today over fifty years after its closure and replacement with a promenade, the village continues to attract visitors to such familiar sites as the imposing Norman castle, the Georgian lighthouse (photo) built in 1794 and the Victorian pier opened in 1898. 

courtesy of Oystermouth Historical Association

“Mumbles is a funny place,
A church without a steeple,
 Houses made of old ships wrecked
And most peculiar people ”

 extract from Encyclopedia Wales

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While we have shown some of the work that we do in the community there are many other community groups too.

Mumbles caters well for both resident and tourist with lots of independent, quality retailers and some of the best leisure facilities and finest dining experiences in the country.

A great place to live and an equally great place to visit  Mumbles really has it all.

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