Mumbles Railway Trail : CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS


Have you seen the brand new information posters at The Junction, Blackpill, with the MUMBLES RAILWAY TRAIL logo? Commissioned by Mumbles Development Trust, the posters and logo mark commencement of work on an exciting heritage project that will tell the story of this iconic rail line, the first passenger railway in the world. 

A key part of the project is to invite contributions and memorabilia from people who travelled or worked on the railway before it closed in 1960.  

Do you remember travelling to work or school on the train, or using the train for a day out in Mumbles perhaps?  

Do you have any old film reels or photos of the railway that we could use? 

We would love to hear from you, and arrange to record your unique memories of this iconic railway. 

Please get in touch to let us know: 

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